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Assessment of Wellness Status Among a Multi-Ethnic Based Adult Sample

Lagos State University, Exercise Physiology Unit, Faculty of Education, Lagos, 0001, Nigeria.
UniversitiSultan Zainal Abidin, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, 21300, Terengganu, Malaysia
Health status Wellness Fitness Healthy Living Multi-ethnic Lifestyle


Wellness is an encompassing canopy harnessing multiple of activities aimed at helping individuals recognize components of lifestyle that are detrimental to health. However, the challenge still remains that most individuals seldom identify and practice positive health behaviors that can enhance fitness and wellness. Objectives: As a starting point, the present study assessed the wellness status of a multi-ethnic based adult population in Lagos, Nigeria. Methods: The wellness lifestyle Questionnaire (WLQ), which provides an initial rating of the individual’s current efforts to stay healthy and assessed six major areas, namely: emotional health, fitness and body care, environmental health, stress, nutrition and medical self-responsibility was used as the instrument for data collection. Eight hundred and thirty-eight males, as well as one thousand four hundred and sixty-two females' adults, were purposely recruited for this study. Results: It was obvious from the data collected that 61.03% of the population sampled needs improvement on their health status while only 8.04% had excellent health and wellness status with just 30.93% of the population in a good health condition. Conclusion: Providing health and wellness education by fitness experts, therefore, becomes inevitable and a challenge for health and wellness experts.


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