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Yoga for Vital Capacity

Baliapal College of Physical Education, Baliapal, Balasore, Odisha-756026, India
Delhi Public School, Anugul,Odisha 759145, India
Yoga Vital Capacity


The purpose of this study was to ascertain the effect of yogic exercises and pranayam on the vital capacity adolescent school going boys. In total 60 numbers of school students (boys only) were taken as subjects and were divided equally (30 each) into two groups namely Experimental and Control groups. Pre tests on Vital Capacity was conducted prior to Yogic exercises and pranayam treatment to the experimental group and post test was made after a 12 week treatment and comparisons were made between and within the groups using descriptive statistics and Factorial ANOVA. It was concluded that Yoga Training Group (Experimental Group) improves Vital Capacity of adolescent students


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